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Free 3 Month Offer


Six free services on offer! 
Let's explain what you get FREE for 3 months?


Website Page

Let's start by building you a FREE professionally branded SEO responsive website page with everything needed to get you set up, plus unlimited support with updates and a guaranteed listing on Google so users can find you by search! This web page is built for you to keep forever!


Cloud Server Hosting

3 months FREE cloud website hosting on our fast secure Linux server that comes included with SSL (https) and cPanel to manage everything from emails, web and backup management and loads more! Prices after trial period ends start at just £2.97 monthly all inclusive!


Social Media Traffic

We build a branded Facebook and Twitter Page FREE enabling you to share your web page and drive additional awareness. This generates targeted traffic, and helps set you up with Social Media presence. Advertising campaign management available if desired! Well worth looking at!


Domain Name

Every website needs a domain name so if you don’t have one not to worry as we take care of purchasing it with DNS setup FREE through our Godaddy partners. Most basic domain names cost less than £25 annually of which you're guaranteed the registered keeper!


Mobile App

We develop & design a branded app so you get to share it with your users free for 3 months. Take advantage of this is a limited opportunity. Showcase your service or products through your app. Availability to publish on major app stores. Prices start at just £9.97 after the trial period ends!


Google Marketing

You just have to be connected to Google and we make sure this gets included. You will need a free Google Gmail account or if not we create a new one for you then adding, analytics, webmaster tool, my Google business with map listing for FREE with many more opportunities available!

Right from the Start

Presenting right from the start!

Websites provided by us are based on two most popular and current html frameworks: AMP and Bootstrap. This allows us to create mobile friendly, responsive, fast loading fashionable professional looking branded web pages giving the edge over your competitors!


Features that aren’t so complicated 
Keeping it Natural and Simple!


Incredible power to enhance business productivity

Planting Growth
Plantation Growth

Not only do we give you six incredible free reasons to use our services but we also have a professional team with over 20 years of experience behind us when it comes to working online. This helps give us the leading edge with pointing you in the right direction when it comes to growth!

Mail Alert

Include in your marketing campaign email alerts through an autoresponder so when users show interest start sending pre automated emails or use the notification function through your mobile app!

Powerful Admin

With every website hosting plan comes cPanel that gives you back end admin so you have total control every step of the way!

Responsive Development
Responsive and Mobile Friendly

With every step of the journey it’s important to remember that most of your traffic generated will be viewed and split across various different platforms that include hundreds and thousands of different devices, so it’s important when developing current major factors are taken into consideration of which is just one of the things we do best!

Easy Online Chat

Want the ability to chat with your users instantly as they arrive to visit your online platform? Try chatting with us now to see how this can work for you by clicking here now...

Always current and up to date

We use the most advanced up to date servers and development platforms so no need to worry as we have everything taken care off. All you need to do is run your project or business and let us do what we do best!


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Frequently asked question’s

Everything we do at GHI Digital we keep it simple as possible to get you started.

This free 3 month offer starts once everything has been completed to your satisfaction within a maximum one month development time frame so you will need to be actively involved with providing us with the necessary requirements such as images and content within this period.

We build you a branded responsive one page website, 4 tab mobile app, cloud website hosting, Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, Google setup and DNS management of a domain name. All of this is fully managed for you within this period!

When the 3 month trial expires you can either continue or close the account, however if you wish to keep your accounts open there is just two things you will need to pay for as followed to keep things running as is;

1. The website cloud hosting will cost £2.97 monthly or pay annually at £35.00.

2. To keep your mobile app as is will cost £9.97 monthly or £100 annually.

There would be nothing else to pay other than the renewal of your annual domain name registration when it expires plus any further service you may additionally require from us including things such as extra design, development or marketing!

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us as we are always available for support!

If you want to purchase any of our other additional services we accept payments by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfers however please contact us for other additional methods of payments as we may be able to accommodate?

Please click here and go to our contact page where we have several ways we can communicate with you including live chat support or alternatively fill in the form on this page and we will respond accordingly!

We offer unlimited amount of services as the online world is as it says it is a ‘WEB’. Within this web there are so many attributes you can address.

If you wish to see our most publicised services Click Here however there is not much we can’t handle with advanced programming projects so drop us a line as we love to hear what your need are!

The simple answer is we want you to be able to get your idea up and running without the initial setup costs through these difficult times, and hopefully as you start to grow you will continue to let us help you expand by using our over 20 years of online development and marketing expertise and experience plus take advantage of our additional services of what you might need.

We value each and every client individually with our ethos being to give out as much value as we possibly can!

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3 Month Free Offer

If you need additional information regarding this offer please do not hesitate to contact us as we love talking and answering your questions!